Custom Solutions

Unique Applications

Dredger Depth Measurement


A manufacturer of dredging equipment needed a reliable and accurate way for the controls operator to see how deep the nozzle of the dredger was being lowered from a boom. The heavy-duty wire draw encoder was used for a direct measurement of the cable being spooled, and a simple to read display showed the depth.

Part Marking with Arex Series Laser


Keeping track of tools, dies, transducers, breaker plates and everything else that goes into a plastics operation can be difficult. Barcode labels are often destroyed by high temperatures or abrasion. By using a laser marking tool to mark all of the individual components it becomes simple to scan parts in and out of the tool crib.

Portable Pressure Monitor for Extrusion


Many applications require some customization to make them the ideal solution. The Portable Pressure Alarm was designed to help a customer improve the changeover process and minimize potential waste and damage.